When you've got a new baby at home, you begin to keep track of time according to their needstime for a feeding, time to change a diaper, time to try to get some sleep before they wake up. Basically, ask any new parent when their baby last ate and they can probably give you an answer down to the minute.

But when did mom last shower? The dirty truth is that anyone's guess, as Khloe Kardashian can now attest.

After welcoming daughter True in April, Kardashian has been busy living that mom life, but for someone who is famously organized and used to keeping a tight schedule for filming TV projects and working on her denim line, Good American, moving from her schedule to True's was a totally different experience.


"Honestly it's amazing!" Kardashian recently tweeted. "Of course it's an adjustment but it's so beautiful! Sometimes I don't know what day it is or I don't get a shower LOL."

Luckily, True, now nearly 3 months old, has found her groove when it comes to sleeping, so Kardashian is getting more adult time, "which is awesome," she says.

It's not only awesome, but vital for new mom to have some of that "adult time." We need that time to yes, shower, or just have a break. These things are an important part of avoiding parental burnout and taking care of our mental health.

For Kardashian, getting an extra 10 minutes in the shower may be as simple as hiring a nanny, but even if a mother isn't in a position to do that, we can still enlist our support systems (spouses, grandparents and friends) in helping us carve out a few minutes where we can take care of ourselves and reconnect with the world beyond our baby.

As amazing as time with our babies can be, it can also be all-consuming, and sometimes, mama needs a shower. Because time for mama is as important as baby time.

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