Pink forgot to move the Elf for 3 days—and her daughter’s note is SO hilarious

Stars: They’re just like us, Christmas edition. 🎄

Singer Pink’s posted a hilarious Instagram update this week, sharing a note her daughter wrote Santa. The crisis? The family Elf-on-the-shelf, named Chippy, has not been moved for 3 days, and Pink’s daughter Willow (6) is worried.

And Pink is declaring “#Momfail.”

The great Elf dilemma hits Hollywood homes too, and we love it.

Here’s the note Pink shared—

Pink’s tell-it-like-it-is parenting approach approach has been one of the highlights of our year. Whether it’s a confession that her marriage went through a sexless patch, or her goal of raising a daughter free of gender stereotypes, we love seeing another real mom in the middle of the chaos.

Fear not, mamas: The end of the Elf season is upon us. We made it.

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