It’s the baby picture the world has been waiting for. Little Stormi Webster has made her full social media debut, finally showing her sweet little face on mama Kylie Jenner’s Snapchat.

In the video, Stormi is seen sucking on a pacifier beneath a filter decorating her with flame emojis.

Aww! The sweetest thing ever ��� #stormi

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A screenshot of mom’s Snapchat was then posted on Instagram by Stormi’s dad, Travis Scott.

Our little rager !!!!

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It’s not the first picture of the beautiful baby the public has seen (a shot of her hand broke Instagram records and Jenner recently posed a couple super cute selfies in honor of Stormi turning one month old), but it is the first one that gives us a clear look at Stormi’s face.

The image proves what her proud parents knew all along: Stormi is one beautiful baby.

Scott captioned the image “our little rager” on Insta, while Jenner had written “my pretty girl” on the Snapchat version.

The couple’s social media reveal of their daughter’s beautiful little face is super adorable, but picking the right pic doesn’t come so easily to all parents. If you want to up your Instagram game for your own baby pictures, check our secrets for taking gram-worthy baby pics on your iPhone.

Stormi may be swoon-worthy, but your baby is, too, mama!

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