If you’ve ever been driving past a Chipotle and wished you could get some of that burrito goodness without waking up your sleeping baby, your wish is about to come true—at least if you live nearby one Ohio location. There, the first Chipotle drive-thru is sure to be a hit among those who want a foil-wrapped fix without unstrapping car seats and setting up strollers.

Chipotle execs recently announced the “vehicular pickup window” will be open for business in Ohio this fall. But, no matter what they call it, we’re sure it will be busy. As anyone who would rather pay for guac 100 times over than get out of the car with kids in tow knows, the struggle is real.

The news got us thinking: Chipotle’s not the only business that could use a drive-thru option. Here’s a few more places where we would love to be able to order at a window...

Toys ‘R Us

If you’ve ever been on your way to a birthday party and realized you forgot to get a gift, you might have been tempted to just pull through the McDonald’s drive-thru and ask for a Happy Meal toy. Unfortunately, that probably wouldn’t fly with the birthday boy or girl. A real toy store drive-thru would be a better solution for those harried Saturday mornings—because we all know there is no way you’re making a quick dash into Toys ‘R Us with your little birthday guest in tow.


You’re on your way from Point A to Point B when you look in the backseat and realize your little one has left their left shoe back at Point A. You’re already past the point of no return, so it looks like you’ll be making a pit stop at a shoe store. Imagine if, instead coming out of a mall a half an hour later, you could just order at a window. “One pair of size six toddler shoes, please.” If BOGO’s happening maybe mama could throw in a pair of shoes for herself, too. ?


Sure, we can order online and pick up in-store, but when you’re really in a rush, a drive-thru at Target would be a real lifesaver. Running out for that emergency can of formula or pack of diapers would be a lot easier if we didn’t even have to change out of our pajama pants to do it...

We don’t yet know exactly when the new Chipotle drive-thru window will open, but parents in Ohio are already excited for it. Never again will they have to settle for a Big Mac just because the baby fell asleep in the car seat.