Abbey Busch

Mama Abbey Busch went super-viral this week thanks to a scenario many of us can relate to—she's been busy this month so she ordered some Valentines cards on Amazon.

But her now-viral post proves that sometimes things are lost in translation in Amazon's global marketplace. Busch's V-Day cards appear to have been authored by Google translate or a bad bot.

"All my life, just to make half of you"  ???

"I can't stop laughing: I'm about to go out of town for a few days & I was just trying to make sure I had everything prepared to leave behind for Vday, stuff for the kids, all their class Valentines labeled, etc...Last week I found some on Amazon that came with little plastic animals, showed the Valentines to Ella, & she loved them. I ordered, they came, she put them together...done. I admittedly never sat down to read the captions, until now. They are creepy & MAKE NO SENSE. She's already labeled the backs & is so excited, & made sure each classmate got the "right" animal. Keep in mind these are going out to a bunch of Kindergartners," Busch captioned a Facebook post showing the hilariously non-sensical cards.

"See you appear, feel the whole body is overpowered" ???

Thousands of moms have shared her post, and Busch tells Motherly,"Nothing builds solidarity quite like a mom fail!"

She tells us that she usually reads Amazon reviews and recommends other parents do too if they want to avoid her mistake. "This is the one time I was in a hurry and simply didn't [check the reviews]. Lesson learned," says Busch, who is taking her "mom fail" in stride.

"You sweep the house for me, I sweep the world for you" ???

The first Amazon review on these Valentines explains it all:

"My daughter got these for her 2nd grade class. The plastic animals are great. Even better than we hoped. They are heavy and really cute. However, the messages on the cards are really weird for kids; considering they come with animals, they are clearly meant for kids," the reviewer writes.

They continue: "The photo with these shows a card that says 'Happy Valentine's Day to you' so we assumed they all said that. Nope! Many of the messages make no sense. Our favorite was 'You sweep the house for me, I sweep the world for you.' We also enjoyed 'All my life just to make half of you.' We ended up printing out labels to stick on them, apologizing for the weird messages! Hopefully the kids and their parents have a good sense of humor about it!"

The moms are having a good sense of humor about them, dear reviewer. 😂

Three stars for nonsense 

One confused dad left this three star review:

"I really like the twisty to attach the animals it was easy to prepare. the little animals are kinda wonky and weird shaped...but they were a joy to my daughter. And really that was the only reason she picked them. Each one has its own phrase which was cool but im not sure some are really 100% kid appropriate and some don't make sense."

"Love can not extricate themselves." 

Another parent left three stars, noting: "My son loves wild animals and picked these valentines because he thought the animals were cute. The animals are just as cute in person as they are in the pictures, and the cards are a nice weight. The reason I don't rate this five stars is because the cards have odd or peculiar phrases."

Yeah, we would say the phrase "So fell in love with you, love can not extricate themselves" is pretty odd.

"How I want to accompany you through the crowds" 

This one actually makes more sense than the others. Like sometimes love means going to a theme park you don't really want to visit but that your kids are really excited about, right?

This two star review on Amazon proves that this was probably the best of the messages:

"The 'messages' on the Valentines are very creepy sounding.

Most of the messages also have bad English Grammer. Some of the messages include
1) I am bad, because of you, I am good only for you!
2) I like you, and I live the one who likes you!
3) Dont Forget me. Nobody but you will remember me
4) Lets get together while we are so young.
The animals are cute, but we will not be giving these out to the 2nd graders..I will keep them and use that as a gag gift for my friends."

Thanks for the laughs, Abbey! 

Thank you, Abbey, for posting your "mom fail." We would respectfully disagree with you on it being a fail, though.

During a week when parents are so stressed out about getting cards, snacks and red outfits ready (on top of everything else we've got to do) your viral post made us feel the "ripple of love" or at least a ripple of laughter. 😂

Our babies come out as beautiful, soft and natural as can be—shouldn't their clothes follow suit?

Here are nine of our favorite organic kids clothing brands that prove safe fabrics + stylish designs are a natural fit.


A brick and mortar store in Manhattan that opened in 2002, Estella is NYC's go-to shop for luxury baby gifts—from sweet-as-pie organic clothing to eco-friendly toys.



We l'oved this collection from the moment we laid eyes on it. (See what we did there 🤣) Free of things harsh added chemicals, dangerous flame retardants, and harmful dyes, this collection is 100% organic and 100% gorgeous. We especially adore their soft, footed rompers, comfy cotton joggers, and newborn-friendly kimono bodysuits.

Looking to stock up? Don't miss Big-Find Thursday every week on their site—a 24-hour flash sale that happens Thursdays at 9 a.m. PST and features a different body style, collection, and discount every week!

Hanna Andersson


One of our all-time favorite brands for durability, style, + customer service, Hanna Andersson doesn't disappoint in the organic department, either. From an aww-inducing organic baby layette collection all the way to their iconic pajamas, there are so many organic styles to swoon over from this beloved brand. And we swear their pajamas are magic—they seem to grow with your little one, fitting season after season!

Monica + Andy


The fabric you first snuggle your baby in matters. Monica + Andy's (gorgeous) collection is designed for moms and babies by moms with babies, and we love it all because it's made of super-soft GOTS-certified organic cotton that's free of chemicals, lead, and phthalates. Newborn pieces feature thoughtful details like fold-over mittens and feet.

Finn + Emma


"Here boring designs and toxic chemicals are a thing of the past while modern colors, fresh prints and heirloom quality construction are abundant." We couldn't agree more. Made from 100% organic cotton, eco friendly dyes, and in fair trade settings, we love this modern collection's mix of style + sustainability.

We especially love the Basics Collection, an assortment of incredibly soft, beautiful apparel + accessories including bodysuits, zip footies, pants, hats, and bibs, all available in a gender-neutral color palette that can work together to create multiple outfit combinations. The pieces are perfect for monochrome looks or for mixing with prints for a more modern style.


@littleaddigrey for @softbaby_clothes

You'll come for SoftBaby's organic fabrics, but you'll stay for their adorable assortment of prints. From woodland foxes to urban pugs, there's no limit to their assortment (meaning you'll even be able to find something for the new mama who's hard to shop for). Plus, the name says it all--these suckers are soft. Get ready for some serious cuddle time.

Gap Baby


Organic may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Gap, but this popular brand actually carries a wide variety of organic (and adorable) baby + toddler clothes. From newborn layette basics to toddler sleepwear—and more—there's something for everyone in this collection. Everything is 100% cotton, super soft + cozy, and perfect for eco-conscious mamas.

Winter Water Factory


Certified organic cotton with Brooklyn-based swagger? Be still our hearts. Winter Water Factory features screen-printed textiles in bold designs you'll want to show off (get ready for some major Instagram likes). And the husband-and-wife co-founders keep sustainability at the forefront of their brand, meaning you can feel good about your purchase--and what you're putting on your baby.

The company makes everything from kids' clothes to crib sheets (all made in the USA). For even more cuteness, pair their signature rompers with a hat or bonnet.

Under the Nile


Under the Nile has been making organic baby clothes since before it was cool. Seriously, they were the first baby clothing company in the USA to be certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard. They've kept up that legacy of high standards by growing their Egyptian cotton on a biodynamic farm without the use of pesticides or insecticides, and all of their prints are made with metal-free colors and no chemical finishes.

Motherly is your daily #momlife manual; we are here to help you easily find the best, most beautiful products for your life that actually work. We share what we love—and we may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.

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