Millennial Disney hive, stand up! If you’re sick and tired of one of the best animated Disney movies getting slept on, fear not—a Hercules live action movie is in the works.

In addition to a whole slew of new movie announcements (including “Hocus Pocus 3” and a live-action “Moana“) Sean Bailey, president of Walt Disney Pictures, recently told the New York Times that a live-action remake of Disney’s beloved 1997 animated movie Hercules is currently in development.

If your mind is already buzzing about who could be cast in the remake, you’re not alone. The entire internet seems to be exploding with excitement and casting ideas.

The Muses—the heart and soul of the film, arguably—are going to be key here. The “Hercules” soundtrack is a banger for many reasons, though predominantly because of the bevy of beauties with the pipes to carry it.

As for Phil, Hercules’ sidekick and personal “trainer” in the realm of Greek gods, there’s only one person who can fulPHIL the role perfectly. And that’s the actor who originated it—Danny DeVito.

And while James Woods did a great job with Hades back in the day, well, Woods isn’t exactly the non-problematic actor Disney movies need. And that’s all we’ll say about that. Luckily the internet has other ideas! (May this author suggest Jeff Goldblum? I mean COME ON.)

The internet is also loving Ariana Grande for the role of Meg, Hercules’ leading lady. We know she can already nail the songs, too.

Others want the actress who played Vanessa in the live-action version of “The Little Mermaid” to take on Meg.

As for Hercules, well, anyone from The Rock to Zane Phillips to Chris Pratt (???) have been suggested.

Regardless of who ends up playing who, the “Hercules” live-action movie is a millennial’s dream come true.