It seems like every time we check the news, there’s a report of a horrific, racially-motivated hate crime. Most recently, Erick Deoliveira was reportedly charged with a hate crime after attacking a woman who was on her way to a rally against the racism far too many members of the AAPI community have endured. The story is just plain awful—and a Twitter thread from a person who witnessed the attack firsthand just adds heartbreaking context.

The tweets detail the incident, which the author witnessed in New York City. The woman who was attacked was with her young daughter at the time she was assaulted, making it even more traumatizing for the victims.

“Debated posting this all day. Doing it because I can’t stop thinking about this mother & daughter. They were on their way to an anti-hate rally in NYC when a man approached them,” writes Twitter user Rita Chan.

In the thread, Chan points out how it was a Black couple who helped mother and child until the police arrived. The child sat frozen, as described by Chan, until her mom was taken into an ambulance to be treated for her injuries, and that’s when the girl started sobbing.

“I’m posting this because I’ve been waiting all day for someone to report on it and it looks like it’s not going to happen. What does keep happening is attacks like this,” the thread continues.

This is horrifying and heartbreaking and this type of hate and violence needs to stop. Our hearts go out to this mother and daughter… and every other person who has been on receiving end of this type of blatant discrimination.