Your kiddo may need to stay rear facing longer than you thought. We have details on new guidelines regarding rear facing carseats. Plus, how to get 20 percent off your next car seat… or bouncer… or rocker… OMG Target’s car seat trade-in is back and better than ever! And 50 percent off diapers?!?! Sign us up! It’s all right here in our Weekly Links

  1. Super important news from the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding your child’s car seat: they’ve revised their guidelines when it comes to how long your kiddo should be rear facing. Previously, the AAP said children should remain rear facing until age two, but their new guidelines remove the age limit and instead say to remain rear facing until meeting the height and weight recommendations by the car seat manufacturer. The AAP says it is best to keep your kiddos rear facing for as long as possible, because that is the safest way to ride.
  2. And speaking of car seats, the event that’s like Christmas for parents — Target’s car seat trade. And this time, it’s better than ever! From Sept. 9 to Sept. 22, you can turn your old car seat in to Target and get a coupon for 20 percent off a new car seat, base or booster and for the first time ever, the coupon is also valid on some other baby items like high chairs, rockers and bouncers.
  3. It turns out those at-home wearable baby monitors aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. A new study in the Journal of the American Medical Association says the Owlet Smart Sock 2 and Baby Vida devices get vital signs wrong. The researchers concluded there was no evidence they help prevent SIDs, and aren’t just unhelpful, they cause problems by sending parents to the emergency room when nothing is wrong or keeping them at home when they need to be headed to the hospital.
  4. The two words every parent wants to hear: discount diapers! We were so psyched to hear about this deal over at The Honest Co., we couldn’t wait to share it with you. You have to act fast, though: in celebration of Labor Day, the brand is offering 50 percent off their diaper + wipe bundle until Sept. 11. Um, yes, please!
  5. As if we even need to tell you this, mama… once your baby comes into the world, everything changes. When a baby is born — so, too, is a mother. The shift is profoundly life changing in nearly every way imaginable. We’re loving this new TED Talk with Psychiatrist Alexandrea Sacks who introduces a new way to think about the transition into motherhood. It’s a must watch.