It’s everyone’s favorite end-of-year trend: Spotify Wrapped. Where we see what we listened to most, we all get to share our top songs and artists, and we even get a little deep-dive analysis into our listening habits. Sounds cool, right? Yeah, it is.

Except if you’re a parent. Because Spotify Wrapped makes it immediately clear who’s controlling the music around here, and it sure isn’t us.

Author Hank Green lamented his results on Twitter on Wednesday, as he shares his Spotify account with his 6-year-old. And parents everywhere began sharing their own Spotify solidarity by sharing hilarious screenshots of their own “top songs.”

While Skibidi by Little Big is pretty impressive for a 6-year-old, that type of artist fandom isn’t as universally shared among young kids like, oh, say, The “Encanto” soundtrack. (If you haven’t listened to “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” approximately 2 billion times this year, are you even a parent?)

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Shoutout to the parents who endured enough Peppa Pig music to last a lifetime.

And Angry Birds. Omg.

I don’t know who Crazy Frog is, but I do know I shan’t be introducing his work to my own young children.

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Other parents shared their Spotify Wrapped 2022 results separately on social media, but the consensus among kids in general remained the same.

As for my own Spotify Wrapped 2022, it showed a lot of love for “Encanto,” “Sing 2,” Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry’s “Roar” specifically. My 7-year-old and 3-year-old daughters rule the roost in the car and I let them because listening to the same Disney songs on repeat is better than listening to them scream and fight.

If you’re a parent and your own Spotify Wrapped looks like any of the above, please know you are seen and validated. And here’s hoping Santa brings you some peace and quiet and all the true-crime podcast listening your heart could ever desire this year!