Norwegian mama of two and famous instagrammer, Saraa Emiliee, shared an adorable photo holding her youngest baby while lying next to a letter board. The board gives us a glimpse of their life. In it Saraa wrote “Dear mom, I’m sorry for keeping you up all night and I know you maybe want me to sit by myself sometimes I just love you so much. So let’s cuddle cuz I promise I will grow up and you will miss it.”

The post has clearly tugged many other mom’s hearts because it quickly got over 14,000 likes and 500 comments all agreeing that snuggles are the best, even when they happen in the middle of the night.

The viral post reads:

“Dear mom, Thank you for being my safe zone.

I know you may want to sleep alone in a good position, but I feel so safe sleeping next to you. I know you may want me to play on the floor alone, but I love when you do it with me. I know you may want me to sleep longer, but I’m just so afraid you’re not there—so I have to check. I know you may want me to stop cry sometimes but it’s the only language I have and I need you to listen.

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So, dear Mom, I promise I will grow up soon and don’t need you as much anymore. So I hope we can cuddle a lot more, just a little bit longer.” ❤️

Be right back, grabbing tissues.