The Golden Globes sparked a lot of conversation. Whether it was Jo Koy’s hosting, which left a lot to be desired, or the amazing fashion choices by Hollywood A-listers, it was an awards night to remember.

For two lucky little girls it was the night they got to meet Issa Rae aka President Barbie.

The adorable duo can be seen hanging out with Julian Shapiro-Barnum, the host of the hilarious Recess Therapy account, while on the red carpet.

When Issa Rae joins their group, the girls immediately start gushing over her.

“I saw you on Barbie!,” one of them quickly exclaims. They both excitedly inform her that she was President Barbie.

And then, the girls very sweetly add, “I wanted to be you when I was Barbie.” Issa Rae assures them both, “You could be her, easily.” It’s the most adorable exchange of the night, probably on any red carpet ever. And it just gets better because after that Issa Rae asks them a very important question and their response will definitely make you smile.

“What would be your first rule as president?” Issa Rae asks.

One of the girls shouts, “Be sassy!”

After all of that, the girls present Issa Rae with a friendship bracelet. Is that not the cutest?

It is without a doubt the most endearing interview. Recess Therapy should always be on the red carpet. Imagine the conversations these kiddos would have with the stars they look up to.

Social media absolutely loved this interaction and showed a lot of support in the comments.

“This is WHY representation matters. So adorable”

“Please have Recess Therapy on all red carpets from here on out!!!”

“Look how inspiring and important the Barbie movie is – and to meet President Barbie irl telling them they can be president – core memory. I salute you, President Barbie Issa Rae”

“my hearts melting so cute gahh”

If you want to see the girls meet more of the Barbie cast, check out the other videos. They do NOT disappoint!