Just days away from this historic presidential election, a Florida woman in labor made a detour on the way to the hospital; she and her husband stopped at their polling location to cast their votes early.

Poll worker Karen Brinceno Gonzalez helped the mother-to-be fill out her ballot between her breathing exercises.

Gonzalez spoke to the local Fox affiliate about the day. She was working at a counter when a man approached her with two IDs. He explained that he had already voted but needed help voting for his wife. “I said, ‘Where’s your wife?’ He said, ‘In the car.’ I said, ‘We need her here [inside],” Gonzalez explained.

The poll worker then tried to give the man paperwork for a designee ballot—but he wouldn’t take it.

“He’s like, ‘Yeah, she’s about to have a baby, but she won’t go to the hospital to have a baby until she votes’,” recalled Gonzalez.

“I was like, okay, what can I do to facilitate her to vote? Where is she? Where can I go to help?”

Gonzalez followed the man to his car, where his wife was waiting. “She was just doing her one, two breathing…in between breaths,” said Gonzalez.

She got right to work, verifying to woman’s information. Gonzalez tried to give the woman paperwork to vote by mail, but the pregnant mama wanted to cast her ballot before heading to the hospital. Gonzalez helped her do just that and the mother-to-be drove off to the hospital, wearing her new “I Voted” sticker.

“I take pride in my work and I just wanted to make sure that she voted and she exercised her right before she went to the hospital,” said Gonzalez.

We applaud this mama-to-be (and her husband and Gonzalez for helping her!) for her commitment to casting her vote during this important election.

We vote for the world we want to raise our children in. This mom clearly understands the importance of that.

The election is just days away. If you haven’t already, make a plan and make your voice heard. Vote!