These brands are offering to mute Mother's Day content—and here's why

The holiday can be difficult for some, and brands are starting to catch on.


Mother's Day is coming up soon on May 9th, but for some, the holiday is not as celebratory as it may be for others. Brands have begun to catch on, and are reaching out to consumers with the option of muting Mother's Day content. This follows a growing trend in which brands are attempting to be more sensitive and open to different family dynamics and are giving their customers more control over the type of content they receive. Opting-out of Mother's Day emails and marketing efforts is a prime example.

For the person who has lost their mother or has a strained relationship, and the woman who has struggled with infertility or lost a child, the idea of Mother's Day can be painful at best. And with the grave loss of life Americans have suffered over the last year due to Covid-19, the fresh pain of the holiday may be too much to bare. While I tend to think some companies' efforts to be relatable can fall flat or feel insincere, this is one that I think deserves some credit.

Here are 6 companies that will give you the option to mute Mother's Day content:




For the first time, Etsy is allowing those subscribed to Etsy marketing emails to opt out of Mother's Day-specific emails. An Etsy spokeswoman tells Motherly, "We understand that Mother's Day can be a difficult and painful day for many people, especially within the context of a global pandemic, and we wanted to give our buyers the opportunity to not see Mother's Day messaging if they prefer. Our mission is to 'keep commerce human', and we consider that the lens for everything we do, including our marketing. This decision felt like a true extension of who we are as a brand."

Jeni's Ice Cream


Jeni's Ice Cream

Not only is Jeni's Ice Cream delicious, but they're also looking out for their customers. On their website you'll find this message: "We know Mother's Day can be a really difficult time for some people, so we're giving you the chance to opt out of our Mother's Day emails. We'll keep you updated with what's new, like always. We just won't send you anything related to Mother's Day. Enter your email below to opt out of our Mother's Day emails."


Parachute Home

Ariel Kaye, founder of Los Angeles-based Parachute, tells AdAge, "There's a lot of sensitivities around these holidays—whether the loss of a parent or a strained relationship. Given especially how much loss has happened over the past year, it became very important to us that we provide an option for our customer to relieve some pressure that these messages can feel."

Per AdAge, since sending their email regarding muting Mother's Day last week, 2,000 of Parachute's customers have opted out.



Shop Moment

In an email to subscribers, photography gear and accessories website Moment kept things short and to the point. "With Mother's Day and Father's Day coming up, we know it can be a difficult time for many of us. If you'd like to opt out of receiving emails about these holidays, just click here. You'll still be in the loop about everything else."




Personal care brand Aesop recently told their customers in an email, 'We appreciate the sensitivities that often attend this time of year. While our gifts are intended to honor the mother figure in its broadest sense—including all those who nurture and care—we appreciate the sensitivities that often attend this time of year."




Retail website Shoprunner, which includes a network of 100+ stores, had this to say about the holiday: "We get it. Mother's Day can be a challenging time for some. If you'd prefer to pass on Mother's Day messaging this year, simply click the button below. Don't worry- we'll still keep you in the loop on the best offers from your favorite brands, just without the Mother's Day messaging."