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As magical as the holiday season is, it can also mean a lot more pressure for mamas. When we step into that memory-making role—and especially when we’re the ones at the helm for those special holiday meals—we want all the help we can get. Fortunately, we don’t have to tackle mealtime magic alone, thanks to Kroger. From elegant appetizers to mouthwatering desserts and fresh favorites that round out the meal, Kroger’s Private Selection is designed to make a mama’s life easier while still capturing the comforting, decadent flavors you want for the holidays. 

Here are 10 items from Kroger's Private Selection that will help simplify your holiday cooking:

1. Private Selection Cheese Dip

Put an updated spin on that charcuterie plate—without spending hours at the chopping block. This rich gruyere and caramelized onion cheese dip provides a delicious addition to your appetizer spread that will whet their appetites for more.

2. Private Selection Select Blend Mixed Nuts with Sea Salt

If you’re looking for a little something that won’t spoil appetites before the big meal, these mixed nuts with sea salt make the perfect pre-dinner snack. Simply set a bowl or two out for an upgraded nosh that won’t fill them up.

3. Private Selection Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives

Speaking of cheese plates, consider these decadent stuffed olives the piece de resistance you’ve been searching for. Serve a bowl of them alongside your cheese and crackers for an instant wow-factor.

4. Private Selection Old Fashioned Egg Nog

If we had to pick one flavor that immediately puts us in a merrier spirit, it would probably be egg nog. And Kroger’s Private Selection’s rich version with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and whiskey sets the perfect, spicy tone for any holiday gathering. It also makes the perfect base for a seasonal holiday cocktail!

5. Private Selection Goat Cheese & Crispy Bacon Rustic Pinsa Romana Pizza

The thing about the holidays is that you never know when an impromptu meetup will turn into a festive gathering. Keep a few of these gorgeous (and mouth-watering) flatbread-style pizzas in the freezer for a savory treat you can serve in minutes. (But the crisp outside and airy inside will make it taste like you’ve been kneading dough all morning.)

6. Private Selection Feta Sundried Tomato & Rosemary Petite Potatoes

Honestly, we’d rather spend more time with friends and relatives than we do in the kitchen. That’s why these perfectly seasoned potatoes (that can go from pantry to plate in less than 10 minutes) are the perfect complement to any main dish.

7. Private Selection Garlic Infused Olive Oil

Infused olive oil is one of those magical ingredients that adds a little “mmm” to nearly every course. Serve it in a bowl for dipping bread or drizzle it over a salad for an instant flavor pop they’ll keep coming back for.

8. Private Selection Wild Caught Argentinean Red Shrimp

With a rich, buttery flavor, these wild-caught shrimp are a quick, delicious way to upgrade a crostini, pasta, or to top a little surf-and-turf. (Hey, it’s the holidays! Go all out!)

9. Private Selection Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Chunk Cookie Dough

Is there anything better than freshly baked cookies during the holidays? Oh yeah, freshly baked cookies you can whip up in minutes without making a mess in the kitchen! This rich, gooey caramel chocolate chunk cookie dough most definitely fits the bill.

10. Private Selection Chocolate Filled Croissant

These simple-to-serve croissants are so delicious, we can’t decide if we’d rather have them for breakfast or dessert. (Or afternoon coffee?) Better stock up on a few boxes so no one has to choose. Pop them in the oven for 6-8 minutes for a flaky, just-baked flavor you won’t be able to get enough of.