As a new parent, you quickly learn the importance of a quality diaper. You go through, well, a lot of them —especially when you factor in those disastrous blowouts that seemingly occur at the worst possible moments. Having a diaper you can trust, one that will absorb whatever your baby unleashes inside it, is a necessity. And let's not forget the importance of clean ingredients. Diapers sit right up against your little one's skin, which is the last place you want harmful chemicals.

That's why we're so excited about Rascal+Friends, the award-winning New Zealand diaper brand that has just arrived in the states. Created and developed with your baby's health and safety in mind, their products are free of nasty chemicals and are ultra-absorbent (which means no unnecessary leaks or blowouts!)… and they come in a super cute design.

Rascal+Friends was developed by two siblings, including mom of four boys, Louise Taylor, who knows a thing or two about what a diaper should do. She wasn't willing to settle for diapers that didn't protect her child (and his crib sheets!), so she designed a premium diaper— one that was actually cute and affordable as well.

Rascal+Friends Diapers

Rascal+Friends diapers

Rascal+Friends premium diapers are ultra-absorbent, super cute, affordable and best of all free of bad ingredients (chlorine, latex, lotions, and fragrances) so ideal for baby's sensitive skin.




And real mamas are loving the diapers from Rascal+Friends.

As a mom of six (with two still in diapers), Motherly's Director of Business Development, Rachel Gorton has tried her fair share of diaper brands, but she never found one that kept her baby dry without compromising comfort and quality of material—until now. "Having a child with sensitive skin, I am a bit weary about trying new brands since she can have a reaction to certain materials, but both the diapers and wipes from Rascal+Friends are so soft and gentle. She had no issues or sensitivities to either."

On their social pages, parents give them an impressive 4.9 out of 5 stars, with reviewers praising their leak-free fit. "We have had trouble with fit on other brands," posted Ashlee D., who said her child leaks in most everything else she's tried. "He slept in these all night and no leaks!"

Another reviewer, Bela R. added that Rascal+Friends' products hold up. "I've tried every diaper and these have held my extremely heavy wetter for about 12 to 14 hours with space to spare! And for the first time in a long time she has been without a rash!"

What we love about Rascal+Friends

Their diapers are made without any bad ingredients—chlorine, latex, lotions, fragrances, etc.—and don't skimp on functionality. They include a unique deep pocket and 3D core (because hello, no one likes to be surprised by a crib full of pee in the early morning hours) and a breathable back sheet that helps prevent diaper rash.

Plus, their sensitive wipes have just as much to offer. They're pH balanced so they're gentle and soothing on your baby's sensitive skin, fragrance-free, thick and soft, and tested by dermatologists. Oh, and they're cruelty-free, hypoallergenic and made with 99% natural ingredients. You don't have to play a guessing game when it comes to what's in these products: An ingredients list, along with what each ingredient is used for, is right there on the packaging.

And we're pumped about the affordable price point. Their premium diapers start at just $7.97 a pack. That's a steal even before you factor in the amazing benefits of a diaper that's clean on your baby's bum and provides the absorbance and comfort they need.

Rascal+Friends Premium Diapers and Sensitive Wipes are now available exclusively in Walmart stores across Texas and on Want to learn more about the brand? Check out Rascal+Friends on Facebook and Instagram. We know you'll love these products just as much as we do.