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10 Beautiful Picture Books That Take Kids on Unusual Journeys

A picture is worth a thousand words. And, quite often, a picture alone can take us to another world. For kids, books infused with vivid illustrations often provide this imaginary escape. From traveling along on a beam of light to crossing an ocean on a flimsy raft, here are 10 beautiful picture books that take kids on unusual journeys:

The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles

by Michelle Cuevas

The uncorker of ocean bottles is a loner who lives on top of a hill. But his job is a very important one. He opens all the bottles lost at sea. If there is a message inside, he delivers them. Although he loves his job, he secretly wishes a message would arrive for him. On an ordinary afternoon, he opens a bottle to find an invitation with no name attached. Will he search for the recipient or accept the invitation as his own? Whisper-y pencil drawings accompany this usual, yet beautiful journey.

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