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10 Kids’ Books to Inspire Their Inner Julia Child

Nothing fires up kids like getting their hands on some cooking implements. Cooking is sensory, with many textures to feel, smells to delight, tastes to try, and tools to use.

It’s science, mixing up ingredients and demonstrating basic chemistry reactions right there in front of you. It teaches math through measuring and estimating. For your pre-readers, it teaches literacy skills, like using pictures as clues. For children old enough to read, it enhances their vocabulary and reading comprehension.

You don’t need to have a classroom to work on all of these skills. Reading the books together and making some food is an at-home activity you can do anytime.

Here are 10 books that connect some overt literacy to their cooking project fun. These books are great for all ages, from toddler up to middle school, and your children will love having the chance to get in the kitchen with you.

For each book, a suggested cooking activity is included. See what your kids get excited about and create cooking projects that tap into their interests. All of these books can be found at your local library, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find some books that cook.


The Little Red Hen

edition by Paul Galdone

The classic story is retold with bright illustrations by Paul Galdone. There are many spin-offs in which the Little Red Hen makes pizza or soup. Go wild and read them all! “Not I,” say all of Hen’s friends, but your kids won’t say that when you invite them to bake a cake with you.

Suggested activity: Bake a cake like the one the Little Red Hen makes! Bread is also a classic option and just as fun.

Try out this treat from our Kid Made Recipe Series : No Bake Cheesecake Bites

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