Being home full-time with a baby isn’t easy. You forget how

to act in a group of adults. You’ve assigned coffee its own food group. We’ve

been there, we know. But then there are those moments when this life just makes

sense. When you’re so overwhelmed with gratefulness for your career as mama.

1. When baby smiles at you. And you know her well enough to

know it’s not gas.

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8. When you know just how to make her let out a huge belly


2. When he sticks to you like glue and refuses to let anyone

else hold him. (Yes, this can get annoying, but be honest, mamas – greatest

feeling ever.)

5. When she grunts and points, and somehow you know exactly

what she’s talking about.

10. When he experiences things for the first time – falling

leaves, sand, snow, etc. – and you get to witness every single moment.

7. When you realize you haven’t drunk a hot cup of coffee in

weeks because your little playmate needs you.

4. When you’re feeding him milk and he reaches up to gently

stroke your face.

9. When you feel weird leaving the house without them and

can’t wait to get home for a smile and hug.

6. When he’s sick and just wants to cuddle on the couch with

you. (Okay, the sick part isn’t good, but cuddling when he’s young enough to

not care if you watch your Netflix queue is golden.)

3. When she wakes up from a nap and gives you a big hug like

she hasn’t seen you in weeks.