2. Baby bonnets

Worth the pain of pregnancy alone.

11. New grandparents

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We’re feeling things.

10. Baby nurseries

If only the rest of the house could be this chic.

3. Milk drunk faces

Have a nice nap, little one.


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For him, her and you.

Okay you know the less-than-awesome side effects of new motherhood: morning sickness, sleepless nights, stretch marks and fewer date nights.

But the upside? Where do we even start?

Here are 13, totally non-scientific but completely-awesome reasons to have a baby—

4. Diaper covers

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How can one booty look oh-so-cutie?

7. Baby. Daddies.

So many heart-eye-emojis. ?

13. Becoming a family


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8. Newborn snuggles

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Never moving.

1. Baby rolls

Has upper-knee chub ever been cuter?

6. Moms group

Your new favorite group of sleep-deprived people.

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5. Slobbery baby kisses


9. Baby hair

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Love those little wisps.