It’s baby time! We’re so excited for you!

Your job for the next few weeks is to do nothing but rest. (We mean it!)

But first, check a few items off your list to make sure your time off with baby goes as smoothly as possible.

Tell your supervisor and/or HR that baby has arrived.


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In order for any maternity leave benefits to kick in, you have to officially let the folks back at the office know that baby has arrived.

Touch base with your supervisor and/or your HR department to file any needed paperwork.

Then go and soak up all that time with your little one, mama.

Add your baby to your insurance.

Most health insurance plans give families 30 days after baby is born for parents to enroll their newborn into a health care plan.

This is a big one: It can affect a lot of things, from copays to doctor coverage to insurance premiums. Be sure to call your insurance company within that window and make baby official.

You’ll also want to make sure you have life insurance, and update your wills to include a care plan for this precious little babe.

Make it legal.


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You made a human! Now it’s time to make it legal.

Your baby’s birth certificate is his gateway to so many exciting adventures, from signing up for school to driving his first car to getting into college—but we’re getting ahead of ourselves here.

You’ll register in-state for a birth certificate with the forms certifying a live birth given to you from the hospital or birth center.

You’ll also want to apply for baby’s social security number, which allows you to open up a bank account and get medical insurance. You can usually do this with your state when you apply for a birth certificate.