We're all for technology that makes our life easier. But apps and devices that make our babies safer—and smarter?

Count us in. ??

Here are 4 impressive innovations in parenting technology that we're watching closely (and downloading immediately):

A monitor that protects against S.I.D.S.

Owlet is a baby monitor that uses pulse oximetry to make sure your baby is breathing through a cute little sock baby wears on his foot.

The monitor, which can grow with your little one as the months go by, can protect baby against SIDS, choking or other breathing problems by immediately alerting you with light, sound alarm and cell phone messages if your little one is having problems. You can check the app for heart rate as well as oxygen levels, which come in handy when baby is sick.

“Up all night so you don't have to be" is Owlet's mantra. Could we love that any more?

A wearable band for baby

Sproutling wearable monitor also monitors baby's breathing (alerting you if there's a problem), but adds several additional features that bring the space age into your baby's bedroom.

It can sense baby's mood, monitor noise levels in baby's room, or evaluate sleep patterns to let you know when your baby might wake up.

Can it also change diapers?

An IQ tracking app for little brains

Starling is another type of wearable technology—one that helps boost baby's brainpower.

Worn as a clip-on, or held near your little one, the device syncs with a smartphone app and helps let you know if your baby has heard enough spoken words each day—a leading factor influencing baby's brain development.

If you're not hitting your word goals for the day, the device will alert you, so that you can make more time to interact with your little one.

Order on Versame.

Video monitor? There's an app for that

The iBaby monitor syncs with your smartphone and lets you peek in on baby wherever you are.

Check in on baby while you're at work, or talk to your baby from the living room through your smartphone. You can also record videos from the program and share them with family.

The latest version can also play lullabies or nighttime stories through the app and monitor.