You’ve made it to a year! Baby is more of a “real kid” than ever before. He’s really engaged in playtime and simple peek-a-boo won’t cut it anymore. Walking is on the horizon (if not already here). So… now what?

Check out the suggestions below and share your favorite activities from your first year at home in the comments below!

1. Explore the outdoors

Hopefully you’ve been taking lots of walks and introducing your little one to the outside world, but have you let him experience it first-hand? Take off his shoes and let him feel grass and sand on his bare feet. Go outside in the rain to feel the drops on his head and hold him while you jump in puddles. He’ll never be bored if he appreciates the fun of nature!

2. Make your own play-dough

Get crafty with this super simple homemade dough (recipe found in The Playskool Guide to Baby Play: More Than 300 Games and Activities to Play and Learn with Your Baby by Robin McClure).

  • 1 Cup flour
  • 2 Cups oatmeal
  • 1 Cup water

Mix flour and oatmeal and gradually add water. Knead until mixed and then play away!

Get down on the floor or spread out a sheet on the lawn. Don’t be afraid to get dirty!

3. Plant a garden

You don’t have to be gifted with a green thumb to plant a small garden—even just a few plants on your windowsill will do! Head to your favorite outdoor store and pick up some soil, seeds/seedlings/plants, and pots. Find a spot outside and let baby (and yourself) get your hands in that dirt! Point out the name of every tool you’re using and make him an integral part of the process. If he has no interest, don’t sweat it, mama, just try again another day.

4. Record baby for posterity

Your baby’s not quite a baby anymore—she’s almost one! Take some time in the next few weeks to document your nearly-not-a-baby with lots of photos, video, and maybe even audio of her adorable babbling. Repeat this tradition every year around her birthday and you’ll build up a precious library of memories.

Let us know what other fun things you like to do with your one-year-old!