With limited space and a limited budget, we are always on the hunt for toys that Owen will love, but that won't make our apartment look like a disorganized toy store. Today I'm rounding up 5 of our favorites that accomplish just that. All of the toys you see here are safe, well-designed and, in my opinion, add beauty to our space rather than take away from it. I love that Owen's toys are out in our home, and it makes it that much better that they aren't an eyesore.

It's a constant balance between keeping Owen engaged with toys that are well suited for his development while also keeping our small NYC apartment free from clutter. Here are 5 baby toys that won't make your apartment look like a toy store.

  1. Finn and Emma play gym: $135, buy here.
  2. Little Sapling Toys drum wood toy: $34.95, buy here.
  3. Little Sapling Toys bowling game: $26, buy here.
  4. Plan Toys hammer balls: $29, buy here.
  5. Grimm little bleu wobbly stacker: $19.95, buy here.

And to store all of the toys, The Land of Nod has excellent nursery decor and storage options, like this teepee and this shelving unit. We've also really enjoyed placing smaller toys and blocks in baskets from Plum and Sparrow -- so much so that I even sell the larger market baskets in my own online shop.