While being home all day with a baby has its challenges,

it’s also pretty great. Here are our favorite reasons for staying home – add

your top reasons in the comments below!

1. Naps

If you’re not taking a daily nap, especially in the first

six months, you must get on that, mama. You’re up all night and always have a

to-do list that’s bursting at the seams. Your body and mind are tired and you

deserve a break! Take a quick 15-minute power nap, or even better luxuriate in

slumber while baby takes her long nap of the day.

Never apologize for napping, mamas. It’s our right!

2. Pajama days

Don’t feel like getting dressed today? Not planning on

leaving the house? Pajama Day! Baby is no fashionista and you deserve to mother

in extreme comfort. Bonus points for ordering delivery for lunch. Delivery for

lunch *and* dinner? Looks like we have a PJ Day champion.

3. Leisurely laundry

Forget about cramming a week’s worth of laundry into your

fleeting weekend hours. Now you can space out laundry day over the entire week!

If you live in a building with shared laundry space or use a laundromat, get

ready to have your pick of any machine in the place. If you wash clothes at

home, feel free to do just one load a day, fold and put away. You’ll feel like

you’ve accomplished something without getting completely stressed over it. Go


4. Becoming a library regular

Seriously, the public library is an amazing safe haven for

at-home moms. Many local libraries offer a wide array of programs for babies,

toddlers, and beyond, as well as book clubs, exercise programs, and more for

adults. Librarians tend to love babies, too, and can’t wait to fawn over your

little one every time you visit.

5. Spending every day with your little love

Need we say more? True, adult interaction is often lacking,

we’re tired, need a haircut and massage, and have been through a physical and

emotional barrage over the past few months, but c’mon. How can we not love spending

every precious moment with our little ones? We get to witness all of their

firsts with our own eyes. We’re the ones they adore above all others, and we

get to do it in our pajamas. Win-win-win!