*We’ve partnered with Loyal Hana to keep you breastfeeding in style.

Once you start breastfeeding, shopping for clothes will never be the same. You have to look at every item of clothing through a new lens: can I get my boob out in public (fast!) and still look semi-respectable?

You can try to make non-nursing clothes work: shirts that unbutton, the plunging V, flowy shirts that can be lifted...or so you think. But when you try to go rogue from those tried and true nursing brands, you can make some big style mistakes. Here are 5 common style mistakes every nursing mom inevitably makes -- and how to avoid them!

1. Wearing a dress. Or a jumpsuit. Or any kind of top that’s not from a nursing brand. There’s nothing less fun than trying to wrestle your boob out of something it wasn’t meant to escape. Nursing-specific brands like Loyal Hana are designed with breastfeeding in mind, and their shirts, dresses and, yes, jumpsuits, feature unique features like discreetly hidden zipper openings.

2. Buying nursing clothes too late. If you’re planning on breastfeeding, you’re going to need nursing-friendly options from Day 1 (aka, the day that everyone comes and visits you and baby at the hospital and you’re topless). Start shopping for nursing clothes during pregnancy, and spend your money on bump-friendly pieces that you can wear during your entire nursing journey. Then you’ll have something ready to go as soon as baby hits the breast.

3. Buying dry clean only. Buying dry clean only is a major style faux pas because no matter how good the item looks, once it gets breast milk (or spit-up) on it, you won’t see it again for weeks. Because, like, what busy, nursing mama has time to go to the dry cleaner? We loooove Loyal Hana because even though their clothes are made of luxurious fabrics, you can care for them all at home. Saving us time and our sanity!

4. Trying to pinch pennies. We get it. You’re not going to be wearing nursing clothes forever. But you may end up nursing longer than you think, and while you do, you want to feel like, well, you. Invest in pieces you love and that show off your style. The same style you had before you got pregnant -- whether you’re biker chic, mid mod or a classic Charlotte.

5. Forgetting about pumping. Okay, yeah, you’re not going to be nursing your baby at work. So maybe you don’t need nursing clothes, you tell yourself. Until suddenly, you’re topless in the office bathroom tethered to a breast pump. With well constructed, fashion-forward nursing and pumping clothes, you’ll head back to work feeling confident and chic, and you don’t have to worry about an unsuspecting co-worker walking in on you topless. Win win.

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