*We've partnered with Gerber Babynes because we think making a bottle at 3 a.m. should take a little less time. Don't you?

Remember before you had that baby, when you used to be out partying at 3 a.m.? Or maybe just sleeping soundly? Or cozying up to your partner for a little….oh wait, that's how baby got here!! That crying, pooping, totally adorable but NOT-SLEEPING creature, who's got your 3 a.m. looking way different than it used to.

But, new parent, take solace in the fact that you're not actually alone at 3 a.m., making that bottle or changing that diaper or simply checking on your baby. There's a whole lot of other new moms and dads doing the same exact thing. Which makes being awake at 3 a.m. kind of a bonding experience. And also kind of hilarious. Especially if you're overtired like us.

Here are 5 things new parents are doing at 3 a.m.






Original illustrations by Sara Lautman for Well Rounded.

*This post was sponsored by Gerber Babynes.