When you're going home after delivery...

...you'll probably want to stick with some yoga pants and a loose top, or sweatpants and a sweatshirt. But baby's first time out in fresh air can be an opportunity to play dress-up. After all, it's probably the first real outfit he or she has even worn, so why not make it a special one?

One thing to keep in mind when you're shopping...

...is that newborn sizes are generally designed to fit babies up to 8 pounds—so you might want a backup in case your little one is a bit on the bigger side. Don't worry too much if you have to go with Plan B, though. Baby is guaranteed to look adorable either way!

Here are a few of our favorite styles to get you started:

1. The 'basics never looked so good' jammies

There is no such thing as too many white onesies. Get a few packs of soft and cozy bodysuits, like these wrap-front ones from H&M, and pair with cozy leggings. You really can't go wrong.

2. The easy-access kimono dress

Turns out all those snaps are harder than they look. You'll be grateful to have a sweet kimono dress you can easily pull up for quick diaper changes—which you'll be doing quite a lot of.

3. The two-piece kimono

A well-loved classic for good reason. Soft, sweet and so perfectly adorable for your new little squishy babe.

4. The 'I'm on cloud 9' pajama set

We're kind of obsessed with Gap's organic basics line. And if this outfit doesn't make your little one look like she's floating on wispy cloud, we're not sure what will.

5. The classic bundle

Jammies, a hat and matching booties. Nothing says “Mama's prepared!" like a matching bringing-home-baby bundle like this one.

6. The 'eye see you' sweats

Fairly certain this needs no explanation, but in case it does: cat eyes + sleeping baby = ?