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These 7 Books Will Have Your Kid Searching for Bigfoot (And Other Awesome Cryptids!), While Expanding Their Minds

I was a little uneasy when my four-year-old recently expressed an interest in Bigfoot. He’s a scary monster, right? And my son is an impressionable child. Yet, rather than crushing his excitement and focusing on the frightening elements of this legend, I turned Bigfoot into a fun learning opportunity. Together, we talk about the colorful history of this fantastical beast, chart his whereabouts based on purported evidence, and dress up as cryptid investigators to go on our own Bigfoot hunts.

In a short time, my son has learned about history and science while honing his listening and analytical skills – all thanks to Bigfoot, who really isn’t so terrifying. Children’s book author D.L. Miller says, “Bigfoot has transitioned from a scary paranormal beast to a beloved cultural icon. He is both celebrated at local festivals around the country and also by professional cryptozoologists.”

Books have helped smooth this transition from horrific monster to lovable beast. If your child loves adventure and mysteries, these seven books will have them searching for Bigfoot (and other awesome cryptids), while expanding their minds:

Little Bigfoot Hide-and-Seek

by Alicia Van Gotten (Author)

Babies and toddlers will love this inquisitive little book where they can discover Bigfoot hiding on every page. Seek-and-find challenges engage young children’s natural curiosity and spark an early love of puzzles. It’s a bright, sunny day. Little Bigfoot is ready to play! Can your little one find Bigfoot under the table? In the forest? Floating down the river?

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