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Comic books have a long history of teaching social issues. Yet, they often come under fire at schools and with parents because some are intended for more mature audiences due to their graphic content and sexualized themes.

Don’t let a few series ruin an entire genre. If you’ve shied away from introducing your child to comic books, now is the time for a proper introduction. Comics are true representations of life. The diversity of characters, the way they tackle current issues, and how they serve as a time capsule are all reasons to add this genre to your child’s library.

To get started, these comic books will teach your kids important life lessons:


by Eleanor Davis

“Stinky” is a fun beginner’s comic book meant for emerging readers. Stinky the monster loves his home in the smelly swamp, where he lives with his pet toad, Wartbelly, and countless other creatures including the devious possums and slimy slugs. One day a little boy from a nearby town wanders into the area. Stinky is afraid because humans are so different. They like to take baths and eat apples and candy, while he loves splashing in the mud and eating sour pickles. Then he discovers the boy loves toads, too. Can he overcome his fear and make a new friend? “The engaging plot shows young readers that it’s possible to make friends with those who may seem very different from themselves,” says School Library Journal.

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