Before I got pregnant, I didn't know what kind of mother I would be. I didn't know if I would breastfeed or bottle feed. What I did know, undoubtedly, is that I wasn't going to let some 8-pound tiny person redecorate my house!

As my baby became more and more active and bonked her head on the floor for the nth time, I caved. I opened my laptop and prepared to buy one of those ugly and intrusive, primary-colored, ABC floor mats. But, guess what, mama?! I didn't have to! It's a whole new world out there, and baby product companies are really stepping up their game, making some gorgeous floor mats for our little ones -- mats that keep their tiny heads safe and the aesthetic of your home just the way you want it.

Here are a few of our favorite design-focused play mats.

1. Little Nomad. These heirloom play mats are at the very top of our list. They definitely do not read “baby." Instead, they bring a vintage rug vibe to your space. Not only will Little Nomad's mats keep the aesthetic of your home just as lovely as you've worked so hard to make it -- chances are, it'll look even better! Their brand new Starlight Series comes in three gorgeous colors that will have every house guest asking: “where'd you get that?!" Starting $119, buy here.

2. Yay! Mats. This black and white mat is totally on trend and perfect for the modern home. Just add a fiddle leaf fig! It is easy to match, and your little one will love looking at it -- perfect for all those cute #tummytime instagram posts! $95.99, buy here.

3. Baby Mushroom Baby Bello Organic Play Mat. For eco-conscious parents, the Baby Bello play mat hits the mark on all fronts. The neutral, off white color makes this floor mat work in any space. The machine washable cover is certified organic, and the foam mat is made of plant-based materials. It's hypoallergenic and non-toxic. A total win. $229, buy here.

4. Skip Hop Activity Playmat. This mega baby brand is giving other baby product companies a run for their money! Design is top of mind here; the soft peach and grey hues fit seamlessly into your decor, and you can choose how to arrange the tiles in different patterns to best suit your taste. $78.99, buy here.

5. Nook LilyPad2. Simple solids are sometimes the best solution when trying to fit a play mat into your living space. We love the grey and navy options, great for integrating into the design scheme you had before baby. Plus, the LilyPad2 is organic, and each one is made of 75 recycled bottles. $240, buy here.

6. Pillobebe NYC Organic Cotton Playmat. Let your little one learn to sit and crawl on the city that never sleeps (because neither do we!). If you're a pattern lover who hails from one of the five boroughs, this Organic Cotton mat is right up your alley. It's non-toxic, easily washable and folds up for trips to grandma's! $229, buy here.

7. Prime Little Pony Playmat. If you're willing to get a little whimsical and integrate some child-friendly design into your living space, this pattern is a fave. We love how the mat uses lots of color, but in a calm and sophisticated way. Plus, this play mat is designed to last at least five years! Score. $249.99, buy here.

8. Little P Triangle Round. We love this design for parents who have a little bit of an edge in their decor. Think: urban outfitters meets baby. The design on this organic cotton muslin play mat is hand printed by traditional artisans and designed with versatility in mind. Use it on the floor, put it in your pram or wrap you little on up in it. $110, buy here.

9. Gathre Midi Play Mat. Whether you're planning on a picnic, a trip to the beach or some arts and crafts at home, these mats look lux and will complement your aesthetic while keeping your little ones busy. Made of leather, they are easy to wipe clean, which is perfect for food spills or spit-ups during tummy time. $85, buy here.