We LOVE following Masha and her sweet family on Insta, so we reached out to her and asked for a little glimpse into her day-to-day life as a stay-at-home-mom. And can we just say, we're still swooning a little bit over these snapshots. Thanks for sharing mama!

My mothering mantra can be summed up as:

Life might take you to different places but love brings you home!

On a normal day our home life looks like:

Pretty much as you would imagine it: a messy house, a very active two-year-old boy and a very demanding 4-month-old baby girl. Two exhausted parents at the end of the day, but I wouldn't have it any other way! Life without them wouldn't be the same.


Wake up call from our son's room, calling at the top of his lungs for his mama and daddy.


Everyone has been fed, dressed and is ready for the day. We kiss our boys goodbye and wish them a wonderful day as daddy goes to work and Riccardo to nursery.


The house is quiet, I've done some laundry, made myself a sandwich, baby girl is napping and I am having some me time.


I like to take her out to the park around this time. It's so beautiful during fall, the sun goes down early and everything is covered in golden light, crisp air and fallen leaves! Oh it's just the best.


We go to pick our big from nursery, his dinner is ready and waiting for him at home. As soon as comes in he gives us kisses and asks for food and cartoons, bless him! In the meantime Veronica has her bath and massage and is ready for bed, which is around 7pm.


The house is going to sleep , there are two babies sleeping peacefully and me my husband would normally watch a movie and talk about our day.

If there's one thing I make sure I do every day:

I try to put some make up on everyday, but I do have days when I am so tired that I don't care.

My go to outfit that makes me feel amazing:

You are going to laugh but it's jeans and a shirt preferably with buttons because it's easy to breastfeed, I also try to buy dresses with front buttons for the same reason.

I keep my adult brain alive by:

Trying to go out with a friend once a week and have some adult conversation , also watching the news some days to keep track of what's going on in the world.

My trick to keeping my house somehow clean is:

My mom always told me that it is not only about cleaning but maintaining the house, too! There's no point in cleaning very well if there's no discipline to respect a clean environment. It's been 12 years that I have been trying to teach my husband the same concept, still trying though!

Jokes apart to be completely honest I don't have a trick but I have a lady that comes and helps with cleaning once a week. Since having children we don't go out for dinners and drinks so we decided we could use those money on getting some help with the cleaning and ironing!

On the hard days I remember:

What my wise grandmother once told me:

“My only wish for you is that you never know what war means, if you are lucky enough to not know this you are blessed!"

I always keep that in mind... there are people in the world that go through serious heartache, wars and loss, so what's a hard day?

When I look back at this time in my life I hope to say:

I want to say that I was a good mother and wife, I want our children to be proud for being part of this little family of ours. I am sure that when I look back one thing I will remember for sure is the way we loved them, selflessly whole-heartedly and unconditionally!

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