Like many moms, Gabrielle Kahn-Chiossone wears many hats. She's an artist, a designer, illustrator, and self-proclaimed “Crafty Mom." She's kept her children busy making, creating and imagining for many years, and even now at 11 and 14, when they need a little push for an idea she is there with a project.

As an art educator, she specializes in teaching little ones how to recycle everyday articles into art, jewelry and so much more! Below she shares with us one of her most popular activities to get little ones to reuse, reduce, and recycle.

Start to Finish: Recycled Beading

Children will complete this project from beginning to end: prepping and creating the materials, working to string them carefully onto yarn and completing a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear!

Step 1: Explore old magazines and newspapers for interesting pictures, wording or patterns. Select individual pages to tear or cut.

Step 2: Cut chosen pages into triangular shapes. (Parents should cut for toddlers and supervise preschool age children.)

Step 3: Using a pencil, cover the triangular pieces of paper with a glue stick and roll them into a bead.

Step 4: Once beads have dried, string each bead onto a yarn or pipe cleaner, deciding on what piece of jewelry to make (necklace, bracelet, anklet) and what order to string the beads.

Step 5: Once each bead is on the yarn your child is ready to display their individual (and recycled!) creation with pride!

Gabrielle now brings her passion for the arts and green living into families' homes through Curated Care, an online marketplace that connects families to talented and skilled Kid Experts like Gabrielle. You can find Gabrielle on Curated Care under her unique title “Eco-Crafts for Little Hands." Find more inspiring activities here.