You wake up at all hours to care for baby

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Sleep deprivation, sore nipples, blood loss—you know, regular hero stuff.

If you wake up with baby to help comfort her in the middle of the night, it’s official: you ARE amazing.

You made a human. With your body.

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#Superpowers much?

Making a baby requires a crazy amount of selflessness and sacrifice—work that is too often taken for granted.

You are an amazing creature who made a human being with her body—endured morning sickness, stretch marks, labor & delivery, even postpartum nights sweats and hair loss. #goodtimes

Here a ?. You deserve it.

You clean pee and poop like it's your job

And it kind of is. But you don’t really mind, because your new little boss is so cute.

You feed a human—with your body

That is kind of magical, mama. Give yourself a ?.

And if you bottle feed, you have your own kind of heroics, since you scoop and heat and shake and hold and feed and burp and clean, all to feed your baby.

You’re our kind of awesome.

To the mamas who cradle and feed and care for their babies 24/7 times 365: You’re incredible.

You experience the most powerful kind of love

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Caring and playing, comforting and cuddling your little one.

This is a 24/7 job, and you’re up for it.

Because honestly, there are #nowords for this feeling.

That’s it. That’s “all” it takes to be an amazing mother. You’re doing it mama, and we couldn’t be prouder of you.