Planning a baby shower is no easy feat. And while you may not be the one actually planning, be kind to those who are... AKA pass these helpful tips along. The first step in planning a baby shower is finding your inspiration, keeping in mind the future mother to be – her style and personality, and the things and colors she likes. Then go on and be bold in choosing the creative direction, theme and colors to tie it all together. For my friend, whose shower is pictured here, I designed the overall theme after being inspired by old-fashioned wooden toys that I stumbled upon while street shopping in Washington D.C. To complement the old toys and depart from the traditional light pink and baby blue palettes, I went with a pale yellow and grey color combination, with giraffes and elephants as the theme for the tablescape and atmosphere. For those of you who like to get crafty, it can be quite fun to make a baby shower your very own DIY project. However, if DIY is not for you, you can still give your friend a personalized and beautifully decorated shower by ordering printables online. There are a lot of options available, so you can get creative with different fonts, colors, shapes and patterns to highlight the theme you chose. It is always a nice touch to include your friend's name, date of the shower and the gender of the baby in decorations too. Here are 5 high notes that are sure to make any baby shower a hit. Flowers and Sculptures These make a terrific centerpiece for the table. They also bring an elegant sense of festivity to the event. To stay consistent with the theme, my friend from Blooming Bears, a company that specializes in floral sculptures, designed the adorable giraffe and floral alphabet cubes that spelled BOY. The guests couldn't stop gushing about these arrangements! Add fun and festive pom poms for some multiplicity of dimensions. The Menu Make sure the menu is simple and relaxed. This helps create a no-fuss-required atmosphere. Prepare options that can be eaten without forks and knives. I sliced up some bright bell peppers and blanched asparagus spears and served them crudité-style with spicy ranch sauce in individual shot glasses. This worked out wonderfully because it was light and refreshing, and looked beautiful at the same time. Make sure to also offer variety so that there is something for everyone. Think vegetarian, vegan, seafood and meat options. Sliders are an excellent way to feed the crowd. Mine were seafood burgers made from a combination of shrimp, scallops and squid, all mixed in the food processor for some seriously delectable treats. Serve them with a slice of tomato, lettuce and some spicy condiments on a tiny challah bun, and even the most mannered, sophisticated guest will lick their fingers with delight! Glassware Flutes of fuzzy champagne or sweet cocktails are totally appropriate at baby showers these days; however, I decided to serve freshly squeezed lemonade instead. Make it extra special by serving your beverage in individual glass jars with a personalized sticker (mommy's baby shower, date of the occasion and who is expected). Tie a rustic twine around the bottle's neck with “best wishes" tag and color-coordinated straws for added impact. Keep bottled and sparking water on hand as well. Centerpiece The cake is always a centerpiece of any event, and for the expectant mom that will want to have dessert for two, it has to be a showstopper. In this delicious masterpiece, you can incorporate your theme and all of the fun décor elements, such as the giraffe, elephant, wooden toys and the alphabet cubes. With the cake I selected, I wanted to emphasize the pale yellow, grey and white color scheme. The two-tiered wonder was really fresh and equally as enjoyable to eat as it was to gaze upon. Party Favors Finally, the party favors are the ideal way to thank your guests for joining you and the mommy-to-be in celebrating the joyous beginning of a new life. The personalized body lotion at our baby shower was adorned with a bird on a birch and the date of the occasion. Story and Images by Svitlana Flom of Art de Fete.