For years we knew her as a Hollywood actress, but in recent years, it's become very clear that the role Jennifer Garner prioritizes is the one she plays in her kids' lives. Her Instagram is only about 10% Hollywood, 90% #momlife.

So it makes sense that Garner's one of the co-founders of the cold-pressed organic baby food line Once Upon a Farm, which—as of this week—can be found in refrigerators at Target. According to Garner, the baby food pouches are so good, even adults are eating them.

"I'll even add to my own smoothie, or use one of our applesauce pouches in place of butter or oil as I'm making muffins or cookies for a guilt-free, no-added-sugar snack," she says in a media release from Target. "Certain friends on set have even started carrying around a little cooler of pouches to enjoy throughout the day!"

Grabbing a pouch is way easier than the very from scratch way Garner (who has vegetable garden and a flock of chickens in her yard) usually does things. It used to be an overwhelming process, she recently told Vanity Fair. "Steaming, chopping and grinding baby food, freezing it in those little ice cube trays—not to mention cleaning up after that—can be overwhelming," she says. "We're making life a little easier for moms and dads, and I'm so proud to share this with the world," she said.

Garner has big plans from Once Upon a Farm. Vanity Fair reports the star plans to get her healthy snacks into the hands of all mamas, even those with very limited resources. "My main, favorite goal, and I know this is a goal that's shared with the amazing team I work with, is to have the first organic W.I.C. option for babies," she said at the magazine's Founders Fair event this spring.

Garner isn't just #momgoals, she's a mom with some pretty amazing goals herself.

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