*We've partnered with doddle & co. to help you get you create a “dream"y nursery. You think you know your baby. But do you know your baby's color personality? Yup, every baby has some innate qualities that make them different from their little baby friends, and a color that matches their unique little soul. Why should you care about your baby's color personality? Well, that color might help soothe them, sort of like a doddle & co's new Dream collection of ethereal pacifiers. So we put together a fun quiz to help you figure out your baby's color personality, and some very helpful mood boards filled with soothing baby products just for your little one. So go ahead, take our quiz on our Instagram Story and find out if you have a partier, pooper, feeder, screamer, or (bless you) sleeper. Then scroll down to see which color (and baby products!) will bring out the best in your baby. Got a Partier? Your baby's color personality is: Mint Condition Your baby is happy, fun and energetic. They don't need much sleep and want to party all night long...lucky you! A mini, foldable crib is perfect for your energizer baby. And since this baby is always “on the go," we love using a child sized suitcase as a side table. Don't forget a night light. You'll need it. Mint Condition: 1. Baby Bird Mobile // 2. Grimm's Stacking Tunnel Rainbow // 3. Olli & Ella Suitcase // 4. Ice Cream Night Light // 5. Babyletto Origami Mini Crib // 6. doddle & co Mint Condition Pop Pacifier Got a screamer? Your baby's color personality is: Why So Blue Your baby is sensitive, thoughtful and emotive. You'll be doing a lot of “calming," so a bouncer is a key nursery piece. Keep baby's surroundings serene, and add cheerful touches like a musical rocking horse. Keep doddle & co's Why So Blue pacifier on hand to sooth your fussy baby. Why So Blue: 1. Bloom Baby Bouncer // 2. Anthroplogie Goa Rug // 3. h-luv large pom pom cloud in silver // 4. Lucky Boy Sunday Pillow // 5. Serene Bay Print // 6. doddle & co Why So Blue Pop Pacifier // 7. Senger Musical Horse Doll Got a Pooper? Your baby's color personality is: Romaine Calm Your baby is generally very relaxed but can be pushy at times. Help make them comfy anywhere with a Dockatot and calming pacifier. Invest in a dresser with a changing pad top -- this baby wants a fresh diaper constantly! A cute hamper is another nursery must as you may find yourself going through a lot of babies clothes. Romaine Calm: 1. Dockatot Cover in Night Falls // 2. Ferm Living Pear Braided Hamper // 3. Hiding Elephant Poster // 4. doddle & co Romaine Calm Pop Pacifier // 5. Oeuf Apple Pillow // 6. Babyletto Gelato Dresser and Changing Tray Got a feeder? Your baby's color personality is: I Lilac You Your baby is sweet, sensual and a real snuggle-bunny. You will spend a lot of time feeding baby, so a comfortable glider is worth the investment. Fabrics like velvet and soft cotton are perfect for your tactile little one's space. A dim light will be well used during those late night feedings. I Lilac You: 1. What Does Baby Want Board Book // 2. Rabbit Lamp // 3. Nofred Mouse chair // 4. doddle & pop I Lilac You Pop Pacifier // 5. Monte Grano Recliner // 6. Lorena Canals Rug // 6. Tamara Mogendorff Shell Pillows Got a sleeper? Your baby's color personality is: Navy About You Your baby is easy going, gentle and grounded. They also love to sleep! Splurge on the Snoo Smart Sleeper and maximize this luxury. Extra crib sheets and doddle & co's Navy About You pacifier are also a must for your dreamy babe. Navy About You: 1. Hazel Village Rabbit // 2. Snoo Bassinet // 3. Misha & Puff Blanket // 4. Haptic Lab Ship Mobile // 5. doddle & co Navy About You Pop Pacifier // 6. Hansa Bambi Doll // 7. Lewis Crib Sheet


doddle & co Romaine Calm Pop Pacifier

doddle & co Navy About You Pop Pacifier

doddle & co Mint Condition Pop Pacifier

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doddle & co Why So Blue Pop Pacifier

Sarah Bean is a North Brooklyn mom to three boys. Sarah has a design degree from Parsons School of Design and worked in early childhood education before becoming a mom. Her focus is on all things related to babies, kids and design – especially interiors and clothing.