For the most part, all baby monitors are created equal, right? Wrong. In the last few years, monitor technology has come a long way. And while those tried-and-true cameras still get the job done, it's a growing trend for baby monitors to come standard with some pretty cool features. From coaching you through sleep training to sensor technology and oh just that little thing called Alexa, the newest monitors on the market are revolutionizing this nursery must-have.

These are the seven video baby monitors you need to know about right now.

1. Nanit Camera, starting at $279. Thanks to the unique wall mount, this camera gives you a birds's eye view of your babe, and the HD live video that streams straight to your smart device works even if your connection goes down. A directional antenna keeps wi-fi signals pointed away from your sleeping baby, and Nanit even protects data in its own secure server. But the real magic is in the Nanit Insights, which you'll need to add on as a subscription -- it's like your own personal sleep coach! It uses something fancy called computer vision to learn your baby's sleep habits and even gives you personalized advice, backed by science, for improving their sleep.

2. Lollipop Smart Baby Camera, $155. The Lollipop is as cute as its name, but it's more than just its good looks. A versatile stand means it can be attached directly to the crib, you know, for parents who like to watch their babies physically breathing (we totally get it)! And once your babe is pulling herself up and becomes curious in this adorable candy colored camera, it can be mounted on the wall. Like the Nanit, you access the live stream through an app on your smart device. But unlike the Nanit, you'll have to add an in-room monitoring system to detect environmental data, such as temperature, humidity and air quality.

3. Cocoon Cam, $149. So sitting with your phone in hand all night, watching your baby's chest go up and down isn't really your thing, but you still can't enjoy Netflix without knowing if they are ok all the way in the other room either? That's when the Cocoon Cam comes to save the day... ahem, night. This monitor offers real-time breathing monitoring with wait for it, no wearable device required! The camera sends an alert to your smart device if breathing changes and also lets you know when your baby is waking up, has fallen asleep or is crying.

4. Project Nursery Smart Nursery Baby Monitor System with Alexa, $229. One word… Alexa. Yup, the newest baby monitor from Project Nursery is not only compatible with Alexa, she's included in the box. This monitor is wifi enabled and connects to your smart phone but also gives you the option of using the Alexa voice-controlled functions to operate the camera. Think of it as a hands-free baby monitor! You can ask Alexa to play a lullaby or read the temperature of the nursery and has over 10,000 other skills to use in your everyday life.

5. Motorola MBP855Connect-2, Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor, $249. Want to use a traditional monitor when at home but have the ability to check on baby with your phone when away? There's a monitor for that too. The Motorola Wi-Fi Baby Monitor is comparable with your smart phone but also comes with a 5 inch video monitor. Why do we love this? Well the video monitor is great for a babysitter or visiting family members and if your wifi goes out, you'll still be able to keep a close eye on baby. And the camera itself is portable so it can be taken from room to room or easily packs in your bag for vacations.

6. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens, $165.99. Wifi has become standard on so many of the new and improved baby monitors but what if you actually prefer a monitor without wifi capability? One of the most trusted and beloved monitors on the market also happens to be a traditional non-wifi monitor. The Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor is best known for its interchangeable optic lens. And it allows you to modify the angle and zoom, giving you the best view of your baby no matter where the camera is set up.

7. Levana® Shiloh™ 32200 5-inch HD Touchscreen Baby Video Monitor, $99.99. This monitor may be budget-friendly, but it certainly doesn't skimp on features. Along with the 5" high definition touch screen, impressive for this price point, the Levana Shiloh has a 12-hour battery life, long range signal, LED night vision and loads more! What's better? As your family grows, the Levana Shiloh adapts and grows with you! Up to three additional cameras can be added, and you can even set the screen to view all four cameras at once.