There’s a lot of baby stuff out there. And a lot of it is really great. But that doesn’t mean it’s really great for you. How do you know which products you’ll really use and which are just for show? How can you be sure you’re making the right choices for the most important person in your life? Sshhh, just listen: Cricket’s.

The brainchild of NYC mama Rachel Blumenthal, Cricket’s Circle is overflowing with critical information for expectant and new moms. The brand new site (which also happens to be one of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen in the mama space) is a pleasure to navigate, with just three recommendations in every -- yes, every -- product category.

Blumenthal says she dreamt up the site when she was pregnant with her now-3-year-old son, Griffin. “While pregnant, all I wanted was a straightforward list of what I needed,” she says. “I turned to a like-minded friend who told it to me straight -- she cut through the clutter, spelled out the must-have essentials and helped eliminate what I didn’t need. She was my Cricket. Now I’m returning the favor and doing the same for other new moms.”

Below, Blumenthal tells us how our new favorite technology -- Cricket’s Circle -- is making life a little easier for moms-to-be, and gives us the lowdown on the six technologies that are making her life a little easier as a NYC mom.

Tell us about Cricket's Circle - why did you decide to launch a business in this space?

Cricket’s Circle is the short answer on what to buy for your baby. As the online resource for expecting and new moms, Cricket’s Circle provides honest and concise information on what to buy, where to buy it and how badly you need it (or whether you need it at all).

Why registry stuff specifically?

The sheer number of baby products out there is overwhelming. I wanted to narrow it down. Cricket’s Circle customizes one master list of baby products specific to your needs. All moms are different so we learn about your lifestyle through a quick and easy quiz, and tell you exactly what you need.

Why is curation so important to an expectant or new mom?

When an expecting mom starts research on the Internet or visits a store to learn more about baby products, they are inundated with thousands of options to choose from. A new mom is faced with more than 150 purchasing decisions in the first year alone. We curate to simplify the process and make it easier for her to choose with confidence.

Who's doing the recommending and what are they recommending based on? Why just three picks in each category?

We have curated what we believe are the best products based on our experiences, those of our friends and numerous focus groups with other moms. We only recommend products that we (or our community of moms) have used and feel passionate about. More isn’t necessarily better. When we were expecting for the first time, everywhere we looked there were too many options. It was overwhelming. With Cricket’s Circle, we narrow it down to the best three options in order to make product decisions easier.

What do all of the products you recommend on the site have in common?

The products we recommend are practical, durable, simple, and well designed. No brands have paid or incentivized us to recommend their products. We like to say our top three products in each category pass our tried and true seal of approval.

And why is it even more important for a city mom?

Simply put – we have no room! City moms often need to streamline their product decisions based on the limited amount of space in their homes. We know that suburban and city moms have different lifestyles, so Cricket’s Circle creates a product recommendation list that’s suited best for what they need (or don’t need!).

Any plans to expand in either direction?

We’re focused now on baby products for ages 0-3. As we continue to hear more from our members, we’ll evaluate other product that might be a natural fit, like maternity or clothing that might be right for the site.

What are some of the technologies that make your life easier as a NYC mom?

1. iPhone. my lifeline for all things work and personal (email, photos, The Wiggles and Sesame Street on YouTube, etc!)

2. CardMunch app. Keeps all business cards and contacts organized, and linked to LinkedIn paperlessly

3. app. Everything I need for Griffin or home effortlessly

4. Twitter. Aggregates my news

5. DVR. To catch up on the bits of TV I like to watch these days (The Good Wife and Scandal are always scheduled)

6. QuickVoice app. I recently started recording the conversations I have with Griffin, they are hysterical and priceless