Making sure that your little one's bum stays clean and dry can be dirty business, but it's a crucial one. His comfort depends on it, and it's the only way to really keep diaper rashes at bay. Though cloth diapers are making a comeback because of their eco-friendly and economical vertues, you can still choose the convenience of disposable diapers and still be kind to the earth (and baby's sensitive skin). That is why we are partnering with Bambo Nature to give one lucky family a bundle of diapering essentials for two whole months.

Bambo Nature's diapers, which have earned the Nordic Swan Eco label, are free of perfume, chlorine, latex and other potentially harmful chemicals. With this eco and health-conscious combination of natural and renewable materials, Bambo gifts our babes with high-performing, breathable and absorbent diapers that keep their precious (and dare I say delicious) little tushes rash free.

More notably, Bambo Nature makes its diapers using a manufacturing process that is eco-friendly: the brand does not use any chemical during the production, and they almost completely eliminate the waste that's created during manufacturing. What's more, the wood used for the pulp inside of the diapers is derived from sustainable forestry, where more trees are planted than felled. And to top it all off, Bambo's diapers are compostable! Which means, it really is the the next best thing to cloth diapers for the environment.

The wipes, which received the Asthma & Allergy Denmark label, are no different: they are hypoallergenic and free of parabens, dye and fragrance, offering a gentle touch to your little one's sensitive skin.

Bambo Nature's commitment to the wellbeing of both babies and the environment has recently gone beyond the diapering world. Their new skincare line, which is comprised of a hair & body wash, a soothing cream, body lotion and bath oil, was created with your little one's delicate skin in mind. Just like the brand's diapers and wipes, all the skincare products are void of dyes, allergens and harmful chemicals and are certified organic, keeping baby's skin soft and healthy from bath time to bed time. Plus, it's vegan, and none of their products have been tested on animals!

Want to win it all? Enter below for a chance to get a two-month supply of diapers and wipes (size chosen by the winner) and Bambo Nature's full skincare line (worth $240!).