You know it when you see it -- the drooling, the crabbiness, the desperate cries. Yes, your baby is teething, and while those first little teeth might make their smile so precious, breaking through the gums will put your baby in a lot of discomfort (not to mention the discomfort you'll feel once he learns how to use those teeth).

Teething technology has been around for a while now. In fact, you might have used a teething toy in your formative years. In the past, most teething options were made of soft materials like cloth or latex, and usually came in fun, kid-friendly shapes. But these days, teething products are stepping into the fashion world with teething jewelry that you or your baby can wear! These practical yet beautiful pieces are a great way to soothe your baby's sore gums while still looking fabulous.

New teething jewelry hits baby stores and fashion boutiques everyday, so what will you wear? Here are our favorites:

Chunky, Fashionable Chewables

You may have already seen these on moms around town. Chewable necklaces are usually statement pieces, brightly colored with gemstone-shaped beads made of soft silicone. When you're together, your little one can grab onto the necklace and chew away; when you're on your own, at the office or with friends, your necklace will still be a beautiful accessory that complements your look (just make sure you wipe the spit off first). So if you're looking for a string of chic chewable beads, try the silicone and wood necklaces by Loulou Lollipop and Little Biting Tree's raw wood and Rudraksha seeds teething necklace (extra fashion point for the cute tassel - see above!). For an extra chunky look, Chewbeads has everything you need.

Make a Statement With a Simple Pendant

Maybe a full string of beads isn't for you. Maybe you want something with a little more personality. Well you're in luck - many chewable necklaces come in a single pendant shape so you can show off your unique tastes. Sport a beautiful colored disc or an adorable little animal. Your child will still find solace in chewing on the silicone pendant around your neck. Mama & Little's Alexa necklace (see above) features a crescent-shaped silicone pendant that features a realistic and fashionable marble effect. It's the perfect size for baby to hold, bend and bite. Chewbeads' newest addition is a fun necklace with a minimalist shark tooth pendant, and Teething Bling's bronze pendant is a classic. If you want a pendant that has a lot of personality and that's also fun for your little bundle of teething fun, Loulou lollipop's donut silicone necklace is for you.

A String of Amber Beads

Amber beads have been one of the more controversial teething choices in recent years. Celebrities (like supermodel Gisele Bundchen) put them on their children's necks. The New York Times labeled the beads a choking hazard. Others claim that the amber beads release succinic acid, which helps soothe the baby's gums and makes the teething experience easier (for baby and for you). Amber necklaces are meant to be worn, not chewed. So make sure that it is at the right size for your baby; take any necklace off before bedtime; and choose a brand that double knots each individual bead so that if the necklace does break, only one bead gets loose. if you are firmly in support of amber beads, the online store at Healing Hazel (see above) will help you find the right strand for your baby. Before putting a necklace on your baby, do your research and discuss the matter with your pediatrician to go over safety measures. And if you too are experiencing pain, there's no reason not so sport a necklace of your own -- amber is a beautiful stone after all.

Safety Tips

Regardless of the type of jewelry you choose for your child, it is important that you consider his safety first and foremost. If you were piercing a child's ears, you would want the safest metals and earring type available, right? The same goes for teething jewelry. Check out the ingredients in any jewelry you plan to buy, and make sure they are free of any dangerous metals. After all, this thing is going in your baby's mouth! Avoid very small pieces (too easy to swallow) and of course make sure the necklace is firm - you wouldn't want the clasp to break and your baby to bite off more than he can chew!

So once your baby starts teething, invest in some beautiful new jewelry -- it might just make both your lives a little better.