Oh, how we love the magic of curating a beautiful baby gift basket for the newest bundle of joy in our lives--scouring the internet for treasures big and small, finding an amazing basket to wrap perfectly, and then sending our masterpiece through the mail. Oh wait, no we don’t. But you know who does, and does it best? Bonjour Baby Baskets. And they want to make one just for you!

Owner Susana Goldin-Douaire has the magic touch when it comes to baby baskets, filling each one with the perfect mix of locally made designer clothing, organic and natural baby products and baby-safe toys, then carefully arranging it all in a beautiful and reusable natural wool basket. Then she ships it off to your favorite mama & baby, and voila! you are the gift basket-making genius you always knew you could be.

Enter below to win a custom boy, girl or neutral Bonjour Baby Basket worth $100! Or use the $100 credit towards any other basket on the site.

Can’t wait to start your own baby basket? Hop on over to bonjourbabybaskets.com and use our exclusive code WRNY15 to get 15% off your order until April 19!* (Did we mention prices are in Canadian dollars, and the exchange rate is currently amazing?)

*Cannot be combined with other offers and not valid for giveaway winner. NOTE: Basket pictured is just a sample of a baby basket, not the actual basket available for giveaway winner.