We cannot get enough of this new video from Frida Mom, which perfectly captures the highs and lows of breastfeeding.

The video is all about normalizing the emotional and challenging journey that breastfeeding takes women on.

Let's get real, mamas: breastfeeding is not all cuddles and kisses. It can be painful, whether that's because of a poor latch, a child who likes to bite, or clogged ducts. It can be isolating, especially when you're the only source of food for your child. It can be frustrating, like when your slacker boob decides to take the day off or you accidentally spill pumped milk. And yes, when the spilled milk is breastmilk, you have our permission to cry.

From the day you decide to breastfeed until the day you call it quits—and sometimes, that's the same day—breastfeeding is an emotional and physical rollercoaster.

This ad gets it right.