August is here and you know what that means – National Breastfeeding Awareness month. Is there a better way to kick off August than by celebrating World Breastfeeding Week? We sure don’t think so, and we've dedicated our weekly links to all things breastfeeding. From new nursing-wear staples to breastfeeding sit-ins in Times Square, here's how to get in on the breastfeeding week fun.

1. We’ve all heard of a baby book, right? Well now there is a breastfeeding book! Anjelica Malone has created an unconventional guide to breastfeeding that will help postpartum women of all cultures and lifestyles direct their specific journey. So, if you’re in need of advice (or the perfect shower gift), read more about Milk Boss 101 here.

2. What better way to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week than by supporting both mommy and baby? This week Leading Lady will be donating $350,000 in nursing bras and essentials to 375 breastfeeding support groups all over the nation. Learn more about the program here.

3. Nursing mamas rejoice! The cult-favorite mom brand that postpartum women swear by has just launched nursing apparel. Head over to Belly Bandit to check out the brand's new nursing tee and dress, available as of August 1st.

4. While everyone talks about the benefits for baby’s nutrition, not everyone likes to talk about the difficulties and pressure that mommies face. Melinda Gates gives credit where credit is due – to all breastfeeding mothers. Read how and why.

5. Imagine if NYC’s Times Square was filled with hundreds of breastfeeding women, all at the same time...oh wait, it will be! On August 4th and 5th, women will gather across the globe (including in Times Square!) to nurse their babies for 1 minute as part of Breastfeeding World’s Big Latch events. Find out how to join in the attempt to support and normalize breastfeeding by attending an event near you.

Photo by Alegares Photography, courtesy of Breastfeeding World.

Julia McRae is a rising senior at Loyola University Maryland and WRNY’s new intern. While she is not a mom-to-be just yet, she is a passionate lifestyle writer and travel blogger.