The baby aisle of your local drugstore store may have much more to offer than just your basic go-to baby buys. As a mother of two, I’ve spent my share of time and money on everything from lotions and oils to diapers and wipes for my kids, but I’ve also found some really helpful, unconventional uses for these items in our household as well! When brands create and design products for children, they have to keep in mind that babies have gentler needs. Their sensitive skin and delicate immune systems require that more emphasis be placed on items that are free of harsh chemicals and fragrances, softer to the touch, and yet still durable, dependable and effective. These wonderful qualities are ones that adults love too, which make your favorite baby purchases versatile and great to have on hand for your own beauty, wellness and cleanup needs. Here are some of my favorite drugstore baby aisle hacks: 1. Baby Powder: Baby powder has wide use beyond powdering a baby's bum. It's a great deodorizer for stinky shoes, and is great for getting all of the sand off your body (and your kids too!) after a beach day. It can also be used as an easy dry shampoo and volumizer for your hair between washes. Just sprinkle a small amount into the roots of a few sections of hair, and work it through with your fingertips. At a fraction of the cost of most women’s hair products, you’re getting a great deal too! 2. Diapers and Baby Wipes: Cloth diapers are great to use as cleaning rags and car shammies, or to mop the floor in your house, while disposable diapers can be frozen and used as ice packs if you're in a pinch. Baby wipes are great for cleaning leather/vinyl purses and leather shoes, as well as wiping down your car dashboard, cup holders and console. A resealable refill pack is easy to keep in your car or glove compartment. 3. Hydration Products: Kids aren’t the only ones who get dehydrated – in fact, 75% of Americans experience dehydration every day. It is also the #1 cause of midday fatigue. But all the serious rehydration solutions can be found in the baby aisle. Thankfully, the category is expanding and new products don’t have the sickeningly sweet taste of pediatric solutions made specifically to appeal to young children. Medical grade rehydration solutions pack a powerful electrolyte punch – twice the amount of sports drinks – and will get you back on your feet in no time. Especially around the holiday season, when holiday travel, flu season, and celebrations can all take a toll, hydration solutions are a good addition to the medicine cabinet. 4. Baby Oil: There are so many wonderful uses for this one! Not only is it great for softening skin, especially those rougher spots like elbows and knees, but it's also the perfect waterproof mascara remover that won’t sting your eyes. In addition, baby oil is a gentle alternative to regular bath oils that often contain harsh fragrances and artificial colors. Use baby oil in the shower instead of shaving cream too, for a smoother, closer shave and softer legs! Not to mention, baby oil can also remove sticky substances from the skin quickly and easily. 5. Lotions and Creams: Many skin care products found in the baby aisle are just as effective for adult skin too; they're designed for sensitive skin, and often have no fragrance, which is great for people with sensitivities to certain scents or who are prone to headaches. For those that do carry a fragrance however, it’s often something light and fresh like lavender, which is an essential oil known for its naturally calming effects—a winning formula after a long day and a hot shower. 6. Baby Shampoo: The mild formulas used in baby shampoos are fantastic to use when you’re cleaning more delicate laundry like bras and panties. Much kinder to your clothes than most laundry detergents, this is a nice way to keep hand-wash-only items in great condition and smelling sweet.


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