When it comes to shopping for baby, we do the best we can to stock up on safe, natural products that will do no harm. But sometimes the labels get confusing, and toxins hide in places we’d never suspect. It practically requires an advanced degree just to make sense of it all. Or we can just go to Sprout San Francisco. The Upper East Side (by way of the West Coast) boutique is one of our favorite Manhattan baby shops because it carries only products made from natural or organic materials. Nothing in the shop has toxic chemicals — including those horrifying names like BPA, phthalates, toxic dyes and perfumes, pesticides, PVC, formaldehyde, plus a ton more you’ve never heard of.

We love the idea of starting off our year in a healthy way, especially when it comes to baby. So we asked Sprout San Francisco Creative Director Meredith Legenos to fill us in on healthy trends for 2014, and offer some of her favorite picks to make our nursery clean and green.

Why is the baby’s nursery such an important place to fill with healthy, organic products?

It is so important to use the safest products in your home and especially in the nursery because this is where your new little one will be spending most of their time hanging out. The use of synthetic materials — like MDF in furniture, scotch guard in rugs, and flame retardants in gliders and mattresses — have all been proven harmful to our health. Luckily there has been national attention regarding the harmful effects of flame retardants along with other harmful chemicals, so eyes are starting to open.

What are some healthy, green, organic nursery trends we can expect to see in 2014?

We are excited to see more and more companies in the baby industry using more natural fibers and opting for no flame retardants in their furniture. As of 2014, it will not longer be required to put harmful flame retardants in furniture. Luckily some of our favorite brands have decided to make the change already. Also, new companies such as the Honest Company are providing an overall range of healthy options in diapers, wipes, dish soap and even a veggie cleaner! All of these are top sellers at Sprout.

Can the terms “style” and “green” be used in the same sentence when it comes to the nursery?

Chic and organic bedding options have been hard to come by, but we are excited to be moving forward with a San Francisco company called Raksha Bella to provide exclusive prints that work for both the modern and traditional esthetic. We are seeing a lot of metallic and bright colors being introduced in furniture as well. Newport Cottages, an amazing company down in Southern California, custom builds their furniture made of solid wood. They are coming out with a beautiful silver finish along with kelly green, coral and a few hues of gray. All great to mix and match, which works well since our customers are no longer looking for a “themed” nursery.

How are parents responding?

Parents are wiser and realizing that spending on sustainable, healthy options will last longer, provide a healthier environment and overall work well in their home! They now realize if there is a healthier option, why not choose it — this is a trend that is here to stay.

Here are some of Sprout San Francisco’s top picks.