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If Your Child Loved “Charlotte’s Web”, They’ll Love These 8 Books About Unexpected Animal Friendships

“Charlotte’s Web,” the beloved book by E. B. White, has captivated generations of children with the unlikely friendship between a sassy barn spider and a humble radiant pig.

To the very end, this magnificent duo would do anything for one another: turn webs into linguistic miracles, chase off grumpy rats with rotten cheese, raise orphaned babies with the same kindness and charisma exhibited by their mother. It was a friendship like no other.

Although “Charlotte’s Web” is forever in a league of its own, the literary world is filled with books about fanciful, unexpected, and terrific animal alliances. Here are eight that your child will love:

Friends: True Stories of Extraordinary Animal Friendships

by Catherine Thimmesh

In this beautiful preschool book, author Catherine Thimmesh makes us smile with these highly unlikely animal friendships. From a polar bear that befriends a sled dog to an ostrich who connects with a giraffe, in the animal world, boundaries are often broken and unusual relationships form.

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