Children should feel supported when they both lead and nurture, and this means pushing back against age-old expectations that women should be caring and men should be in charge.

Changing these stereotypes starts at home.

When parents have 50/50 partnerships, children grow up with more egalitarian views and can envision more possibilities for themselves.

Telling children “You can do anything” is not nearly as effective as showing them they can!

By making small changes that create more equal homes, we can raise a generation of women and men who can be anything they want to be.

Here’s this week’s tip on how you can help support gender equality at home:



The amount of time parents spend with their children has little impact on kids’


However, when parents are stressed, sleep deprived, guilty, or anxious,

it negatively impacts their children.

Mothers often fall into this trap by holding

themselves to an unattainable standard and taking on the lion’s share of child care



Let go of the pressure to be a “perfect” mother and the guilt that you don’t

spend enough time with your kids (in fact, today’s parents spend significantly

more time with their children than their counterparts in the 1970s).

Take a

collaborative approach to parenting and avoid the urge to micromanage your

partner when he does things his own way.

Kids benefit when both parents are

active and engaged.