As at-home mama’s, we no longer have the luxury of

receiving feedback from our employers. Are we doing a good job? Where can we

improve? Imagine, though, if our babies were to conduct an annual performance

review for us.

Hi, Mommy. Thanks so much for taking time to meet with me.

On the whole, you’ve been a vital member of the team and have really stepped

up. Let’s dive into specifics and see how you’ve done this year.


I have to say, I had my doubts being your first child and

all, but you’ve been incredibly skillful in executing your job as mother. You

clearly understand your responsibilities and have gone the extra step in

learning new on-the-job skills, as well as keeping up-to-date on developments

related to parenting and, more specifically, knowing exactly how I like to be

rocked to sleep.

Customer Focus

As your primary customer, I appreciate how you’ve gone the

extra mile to ensure my consistent satisfaction. You continue to seek out new ways

to improve service, most notably the time I kept leaking through my diaper at

nap time; you researched, crowd-sourced on Facebook, and purchased four

different options before finding the perfect one. Such dedication to my demands

makes me feel super special. Kudos, Mommy.


You work exceptionally well with your main coworker here at

home, but your teamwork and camaraderie with other mommies is to be lauded, as

well. You share knowledge and information freely in the dozens of Facebook

groups in which you are a member. The trust and respect you hold for your

teammates was incredibly evident the time you engaged in a lengthy respectful

political discussion with your fellow at-home mommies following the nursery

rhyme library program last week. You recognized their intelligence and life

experience, and even admitted to learning from them. Definitely text that one

mommy with the nice hair – she seemed cool and you can use a new friend.


Your flexibility has been off the charts this year. You’ve

been able to shift focus and maintain composure under truly stressful and

challenging situations. The time we both had that stomach virus? You shone

brightly, even though, as I heard you recall later, it was the “longest and

worst night” of your life.

Professional standards

You clearly take great pride in your work and demonstrate

appropriate professional behavior (except when you make silly faces or tickle

my tummy, but I’ll let that slide). You’ve maintained exemplary attendance – in

fact, you’ve never missed a single day taking care of me – and that has

certainly not gone unnoticed. Punctuality has been an issue, but I’m aware I

make it very difficult for you to get anywhere on time. Management will work on

this, but expect this to get worse as we progress to toddlerhood.

Overall performance

Mommy, your performance has been truly exceptional this year. You’re

the only one who knows exactly how I like my food cut, precisely where my

tickle spots are, and the little parts of my personality that even I don’t yet

recognize. You know me better than anyone because you’re here for me. Always.

Even though I may not remember this first year when I get

older, there will be a part of my heart that will always know what you’ve done

for me, how you’ve changed your life to help me start mine. No one else can do

this job like you can and we’re so lucky to have you in the organization.

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