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New Apple iPhone Update a Must-Here is Why

Apple just released a patch that fixes three giant vulnerabilities in iOS.

The software update that Apple just released for every iPhone and iPad doesn’t activate any new features—but it does patch three enormous security holes that would allow a savvy hacker to access just about every corner of an iOS device.

If exploited correctly, those flaws allow an intruder unprecedented access to an iPhone. They allow attackers to read every email, text message, calendar item, and file saved on the device; peruse photos and videos; listen in on phone calls; track the device’s location; and remotely turn on its microphone and camera…

“One of the most sophisticated pieces of cyber-espionage software we’ve ever seen.” Documentation that describes how the malware works indicates it can “self-destruct” if it’s in danger of being found, silently erasing itself off of the phone.

To download the software update on an iPhone, open the Settings app, tap General, and then tap Software Update. Do it now.

Source: Update Your iPhone Now: A New Patch Fixes 3 Giant Vulnerabilities – The Atlantic
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