We bet you thought you were busy before you had kids. But then you had kids. And then you realized what busy really is.

Life gets pretty hectic when you're managing multiple schedules no matter what age your children are. We're always looking for ways to make our lives easier (or at least a little less chaotic) —possible? Yes. So we turned to our friend who knows and does it all to give us all the best tips and tricks: Pinterest.

Pinterest can be used for all different reasons; from house décor dreams, to birthday party planning and everything in between. It is a super valuable tool which helps organize the millions of ideas that run through your mind every day. With more than 50 billion pins, Pinterest is also used as the place to turn to for loads of inspiration of any kind, parenting included.

Without further adieu, we present Motherly's top 10 favorite hacks of Spring 2015 we discovered through Pinterest, guaranteed to shave at least a little stress off your day.

1.Label your child's dresser to foster independence, learn new language, and...not have to dress them yourself. There's one task off your list!

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2. Be smART. Your children seem to accumulate artwork faster than you can say Van Gogh. Don't get us wrong -- artwork created by your own child is touching, beautiful and rewarding to see. It can also be funny, entertaining, and outrageous [we're looking at you, funny kid's art on Ellen]. Let's just say, it's worth saving those memories. But...where to put all of them? Snap a picture of each masterpiece, then part ways with it. At the end of the year, make an artwork memory book!

[Photo via The Chirping Moms]

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3. Safe iPad play. Yes our kiddos use our iPad (or should we more appropriately now call it 'their iPad'?). Judge us, sue us -- whatever you want. But we won't care, because we'll be too busy calmly showering while our little one is happily distracted by 'Peekaboo Barn.' Here's the best iPad usage tip we've discovered on Pinterest: GUIDED ACCESS KID MODE! It'll be the best idea you've had since...you traded twenty minutes of iPad time for a calm shower. (Read more about how to enable guided access here.)

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4. Go to town with glitter. We LOVE glitter. It's messy, yes. But it's beautiful and fabulous and kids love it. What we don't love is the clean up. That magical sparkle dust gets EVERYWHERE. When you craft with glitter, be prepared to never completely get rid of it. Unless you use a lint roller. Because...genius! Goodbye, excess glitter. Hello, glittery fun Pinterest projects of our future.

[Photo via Real Simple]

5. Be creative with entertainment options. Given the fact that we *literally* average at least three orders a day from Amazon Prime (exaggerating slightly...maybe), we always have a few boxes lying around begging for fun to be had. Give your kids some boxes, markers, crayons [heck, even glitter is safe now] and let them have at it. It'll keep them entertained for hours.

[Photo via Berry Sweet Baby]

6. Trick your children into eating yogurt. Yes, trick. Like “ha-ha we got you to eat yogurt!" But, the joke's on you, because your little one will be like, “this is delicious, so I don't care!" How do you get this exchange to happen? Stick yogurt containers in the freezer (after popping a spoon through the tops), then wait a few hour and BAM! Healthier and still delicious ice pops.

[Photo via Annily Green]

7. Prevent [some] slips and falls. How many times has your little one slipped on the hardwood or tile floors in their footie pajamas or slippers? It happens a lot in our house. Tears that could be spared, people! Just apply a bit of hot glue on the bottom of the slippers or feet of the footie pajamas, and let it dry. Then, kiss slips goodbye.

[Photo via Pretty Prudent]

8. Be prepared in the car. Driving—no matter how long or short the ride—can truly test our patience. It's always a great idea to have activities and entertainment options prepared in case someone loses it. Do you not want toys, books, and crayons all over your car? Good, neither do we. That's why a shoe organizer is the perfect solution; throw it on the back of one of the chairs so it's easily accessible and you're good to go.

[Photo via So Naturally Me and Pop Sugar Moms]

9. Scare the monsters away. Our little ones often convince themselves there is a monster under the bed, a troll in the closet and spiders in their bed. This makes for a scared child [who is not going to fall asleep] and a parent who A:

Enter creative and cute monster spray. 1. Decorate a spray bottle with fun monster stickers. 2. Add water. 3. Spray monster spray all over your child's room before bed to prevent any unwelcome imaginary guests.

[Photo via Buzzfeed]

10. Assist with hand washing. Cut open an old lotion bottle and attach it onto your faucet in order to extend it for little hands. This will be super fun for your kids —anything they can do by themselves is awesome to them —and will help teach them how to wash on their own. You may still have to help them turn the actual water on (we can't solve everything for you...not in this one post anyway!)

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Pinterest: you have helped plan our weddings, styled our closets, and prepped for baby. You are a dear friend, brilliant brainstormer, and a non-annoying know-it-all [the only one on Earth to exist]. Thank you for being you.

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